Google Presents National Parks

When the US National Park Service was founded 100 years ago, it represented a radical idea — preserve some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders for future generations. We partnered with Google to help more people enjoy the nation's hidden wonders through an interactive tour of five of the most spectacular parks through 360º video, ambisonic audio and immersive digital experiences.

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Stink Studios
Creative Director: me
Executive Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Art Director: Erik Herrström
Motion Designers: Aaron Covrett, Harry Thompson
UX: Liz Wells
Strategist: Gerhard Steine
Developers: JP Gary, Arnaud Tanielian, Erik Taheri
Producers: Patrick Krulik, Sean Manion, Alvin Tham

Ghost Robot
Director: Adam Newport-Berra
Producer: Mark DePace

Composer: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith