Starry Brand Work

Most internet providers started life as a cable company or a phone company, and it shows. They’re backward-looking utilities relying on standard stock photography and a blizzard of tech jargon.

As an internet-native internet service, Starry actually gets the internet. And as the medium through which people access everything online, we can claim internet culture as our own.

I led the in-house creative studio and built the Starry brand across every touchpoint to represent our love of all things internet.


This OOH poster places Starry’s state-of-the-art WiFi router in an internet playland illustrating Starry’s optimistic attitude toward everything internet service can be.  

We created this oversized mailer to introduce ourselves when Starry service first became available at an address. Working with illustrator Gijs Henselmans, we crammed the 3 foot tall poster with tons of Easter eggs that rewarded close attention.





We used this handout to discuss each of the complaints consumers had with their existing ISP, from unnecessary bundles to constantly rising prices. Each solution fails to actually solve anything, until they finally switch to Starry.

This gumball machine was placed in the lobby of partner buildings to let people know about the new service that was being installed. Inside, we gave away cool, internet-related tchotchkes and free months of Starry service. 

The giveaways included an “Internet” nameplate necklace, chocolate “Bitcoins,” CAPTCHA temporary tattoos, 3D printed memes, keychains that played the dialup modem sounds of “Vintage Internet” and this QR code pin.

In the unlikely event someone actually uses the QR code, they get a special treat.


We used our social feeds principally to give updates on the company’s activities and to promote some of the features of our service. But we always did it with our particular, internet-inflected flair.

Creative Directors: me, Jane Huschka
Art Director: Dhiya Choudary
Copywriters: Andy Truong, Reed Sullivan
Designers: Ronin Wood, Angelo Tirambulo
Illustrators: Gijs Henselmans, Jay Daniel Wright