Verizon + Star Wars

I love Star Wars. As a kid, I kept it running on a loop on the family TV. George Lucas probably has a hot tub paid for just from my action figure purchases. So when I got the chance to create a series of social videos for Verizon’s sponsorship of The Last Jedi, I was, as the British say, chuffed. I know that’s what they say because I went to London to shoot actual Star Wars droids on a legit, decommissioned Star Wars set in the legendary Pinewood Studios. Six-year-old Chris would be very impressed.

Creative Directors: me, Corel Theuma
Copywriters: Steve Ashford, Ed Miller
Art Directors: Stu Carnes, Zoe Lyle, Katy Moseley
Agency Producer: Lauren Powzyk

Radical Media
Director: Jamie Christopher
DP: Steve Yedlin